Laleh AliKhanfam | لاله علی خانفام

Laleh AliKhanfam

Born on April 1, 1991 in Bonab
Master of Architecture from Fine Arts of Tehran university

“I was born in a family whose interest in art always existed. A brother who once   painted in   the real style and I was not unfamiliar with this space. A father who always taught me criticim and critical looks. My passion for art and painting does not have a exact date. As far as
memory is concerned, I’ve always had feelings for art from childhood and I’ve followed it spontaneously, without any teaching! Sometimes stuff with creepy space and caricature …. But a more serious start in painting for me was when I entered Tehran and began studying in fine arts; Tehran is full of fuss, crowd, concern, and so on. An environment that could be viewed critically. I had grown up with my critics, and the parents who advocated this path. And I know painting as a way to talk, and in fact I learned how to speak”.


Exhibition by Laleh AliKhanfam

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  • artwork by Laleh AliKhanfam

    Rusty City

    Solo Exhibition By Laleh Alikhanfam